Transgendence Is Now Open To The Public!

I’m super stoked to announce Transgendence is finally live! Niki and I have spent a lot of time planning this because we want all the details working perfectly together to provide a better platform for both customers and models. Our goal has always been to create something that gives models a fair deal, and customers an easy ethical option for supporting their favorite transgender content creators.

The site is fully functional and ready for transactions, but there is still a lot more that we want to do with it. Right now, we are in an alpha testing phase. You’ll notice all the videos available star Niki or me. We want to see how the site handles traffic and work out any bugs before bringing any other models onto the team. That way if there are any issues we will be the only ones affected, and we’ll be able to focus better on all our customers’ needs. Any issues with purchases will be resolved by us directly.

Once we are able to analyze how well the site handles traffic, and we’re sure there aren’t any hiccups in the clip purchasing process, we will move into Beta testing. At that point, we will upgrade our server to allow more video file storage. A bigger server means more models for users to choose from. I’m currently in the process of hand selecting the first small group of models that will have their content added in the Beta testing phase. We will start out strong with popular artists doing hot groundbreaking work in the transgender porn market. Limiting the number of models will allow me to look after them personally, making sure they all get their full payments on time. But since each model will be submitting several videos, users will be getting access to a huge library of high quality smut.

Once the Beta testing phase is complete, we will reach the last stage of our rollout: Open Enrollment. Model applications will be open to all transgender models, and our server will be upgraded again to handle more traffic and storage space. New site functions and exciting features will be added as well.

We really appreciate all the support we’re getting from everyone involved so far! The simple fact that you’re here reading this means the world to us. With your help we can achieve our dream: changing the way ppl buy and sell transgender porn.

Thanks for all your support,


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