Privacy policy


We only collect the minimum information we need, so when you buy a clip we don’t need your address or anything beyond a username and email address. If you opt to pay by credit card rather than crypto then the card provider will still ask for your address details but we don’t see that nor do we store it on the site.

For the more privacy conscious member, all we need is is that you pick a username to use on the site (don’t use your real name) and an email address. You can pay with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/BTC or the more privacy-focussed Monero/XMR sorry the checkout we were using sucked, so we wrote our own, which is currently only BTC. XMR is great and we’d like to implement it soon but one at a time). Please note that with BTC if you’re sending funds from an exchange then your transactions will still be somewhat traceable. Monero/XMR is better for privacy but please don’t assume anything is 100% private even if it claims to be.

We also do not block connections over Tor, though you will need to enable javascript to actually use the site properly. The onion-routing protocol still helps keep you anonymous though (i.e. we don’t see where you’re really based, and your ISP can’t see what you’re looking at.

Obviously merchandise which we have to send to you will require a postal address but we are happy to remove your details after you’ve received your order.



The site needs to use cookies to work properly.


We use google analytics to refine and tune our site and (hopefully) make it better.

Data retention:

We have no interest in holding any more data about you than we have to.