Paying with card

Our credit card processing is all handled by When you enter your card details that happens on their pages, not ours. We never see your card details.


Refund policy:

If there’s a problem with downloading or playing the clips youve bought, please, please please just EMAIL US and we’ll respond asap. Asking CCbill for help – literally all they do is email us and go hey this peson needs help. so just email us direct please ( or here) . This site is our baby and we want our models AND users to be happy. We’re a global organisation so someone is pretty much always awake 🙂

Obviously we’ll comply with the law (i.e. our payment provider) as far as chargebacks go but basically no refunds. If you chargeback you will be blocked on all platforms and social media *BY ALL OF US* forever and can rot in hell. K-lined forever bitch.