About Us

Model Centered

Most businesses these days prioritize investors and management, treating customers as an afterthought, while using workers like a commodity. Transgendence was created by models to put the needs of models first. We believe that models do their best work when they’re treated well, and we want to bring the best content possible to our viewers. The industry is currently filled with pay-per-clip sites that take at least 40% of the money their workers earn. This site was designed to give models a better deal. We believe that workers are entitled to the fruits of their labor, and the outrageous payment arrangements that are currently being offered amount to exploitation. If you’re here, then you already support sex workers. You could get free porn anywhere, but you’re making a conscious choice to support your favorite models. Why not support them on a site where the middleman isn’t taking nearly half their earnings?

Community not Competition

Other porn sites pit sex workers against each other. They have public metrics that rank each model in comparison to everyone else. We’ve talked to content creators, and they’re all saying the same thing: this rat race is extremely detrimental to our mental health and productivity. When someone has a bad week due to circumstances outside their control, it makes them feel terrible. When your success is tied to your image and popularity, its hard enough as it is without these public metrics. Our site does not profit by making models fight each other for the number one spot. We realized that by working together, we can build a viable alternative. We designed this platform to harness the power of cooperation. By helping each other out, we can grow stronger and consistently provide the hottest porn for our viewers.

A place for us

A lot of clip sites act like, “transgender” is a dirty word. They hide our videos on a back page that’s hard for viewers to find. One of the biggest sites even has an opening pop-up asking if you’d like them to hide all the trans porn. We know that our fans are proud to support us, so these kinds of tactics aren’t necessary. In fact, the majority of trans porn enthusiasts love us so much that all they want to see is trans porn! So why hide in the dark corners of sites that merely included us as an afterthought? Those sites will always put cisgender models first, because their market is more mainstream and has more viewers. But our fans know that we are something special. We have the most caring and devoted fans in the industry and we think we should all have a place that treats both models and customers with the respect that we deserve.